We rescue animals with special needs. New Cat City is home to four cats who were born with a condition called Cerebellar Hypoplasia. We have an indoor pond for a rescued Yellow-bellied slider turtle named Stacie. We have a separate space for a rescued rabbit named Rupi. We use a separate room for socializing a pair of young cats who were once feral who had no one else to turn to, and now are comfortable around us and have two friends who also needed our help. We adopted a senior blind and deaf dog Jerry who was rescued and imported from Israel in 2017, and in 2020 we said goodbye to him after close to three life-changing years together. We also had a very special resident Susie Mama who was a senior cat who arrived here in July 2022, who we sadly said goodbye to in November 2022.

Our cat Milo who is blind and has severe CH came to us after he became too much of a handful for his previous foster and he had no where else to go. He has his own special padded area where he feels safe and comfortable when he is unsupervised. Pippa has severe CH as well as epilepsy so she must be on long term medication and monitored by a vet. Her sister Kiki has moderate-severe CH. They have their own padded room they share when unsupervised. Floppy has mild CH and is highly functional. Phoenix was rescued off the streets of Toronto, Ontario, Canada needing medical attention and was also observed to have some behaviour issues. We suspect she may have been abandoned due to the medical and behaviour issues, and have been working with her needs.

We feed/care for and rescue homeless free roaming cats who live outdoors. We have been fortunate to find kind and loving humans and rescue organizations who are willing to be patient and work with these often scared street cats in their homes and shelters once rescued. We have not yet been in a position where we have had to return a homeless cat back to the streets after sterilization, otherwise known as TNR (trap, neuter, release). Humans created the feline dystopia that exists out there, and we feel it’s our responsibility to eliminate as much preventable suffering as possible.

We support other rescue organizations and began Rescue Benefit (formerly Kittysaver) in 2016.

Please help us to continue helping them by donating today. Thank you.

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