Our Special Family

We are animal lovers who have dedicated and committed ourselves to permanently help particular animals who have certain medical, behavioural, and/or environmental requirements. We have a family of animals with special needs who all share our home happily together.

“And I have a tender spot in my heart for cripples and bastards and broken things.” – Tyrion Lannister, Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin

Stacie is a Yellow-bellied slider turtle who was born in ~2005. She was purchased from a pet shop as a baby, then abandoned by her original owner. She lived in a 75 gallon glass fish tank with a plastic platform, until we were able to provide her with her own 250 gallon indoor pond surrounded by plants, which is far more appropriate for her species. She enjoys basking on her cork log and snacking on various greens/veggies and turtle pellets and treats.

Floppy is the first cat with Cerebellar Hypoplasia to become adopted by New Cat City in September 2011 at age three months. Her condition is quite mild, and she has no problems with stairs, running, or jumping. She experiences head tremors when concentrating, and occasionally her back end becomes a little wobbly when she is playing. She has a very innocent demeanor but can be demanding for food and to be picked up.
Pippa and Kiki came to New Cat City in July 2015 at age four months. They both have moderate-severe CH. Pippa was diagnosed with epilepsy and is on long term seizure medication. They are capable of getting from point A to B but have difficulty walking in a straight line. They have concentration head tremors when eating and drinking. They share a special room overnight and when unsupervised that is lined with a layer of foam padding, then a few layers of blankets. They have special dishes to accommodate their needs, open litter boxes to make getting in/out easier, and plenty of towels on hand for Pippa’s urinary intentional “accidents”. Kiki loves spending time in her tunnel and is always happy/purring. Pippa enjoys tunneling under blankets and tucking herself in for naps. She has a relentless personality and can be extremely demanding. Both are tightly bonded but have their moments with one another.
Phoenix was found in February 2016 lost outside and brought to a local emergency vet where she was found to have burned paw pads on all four paws. She was also underweight and unsterilized, estimated age five years. New Cat City adopted this tiny girl and immediately had her spayed. She was found to have some behaviour concerns that we worked with. In 2019 she was diagnosed with stomatitis and had to undergo a full mouth dental extraction procedure leaving her completely toothless. She has taken her time in warming up to us, and now she enjoys sleeping on the couch and kneading on blankets in human company.
Milo is a little boy who was born with severe Cerebellar Hypoplasia. He came to New Cat City in June of 2018 when his previous foster was unable to provide him the attention he demands. He is blind and most likely has some other neurological abnormalities. Milo struggles to walk but is able to, and he prefers to walk along the base of walls/objects for support. He does experience severe concentration head tremors when he wants to move, eat, and drink. We have provided Milo with his own special area for overnight/unsupervised times that is lined with foam padding and blankets. He has special dishes to accommodate his needs, as well we a special litter box with pine pellet litter. He is quite content to sleep the majority of the time and shows us his happiness by biting onto a section of his blanket and kneading while loudly purring. He knows to use his little voice when he needs help and often asks us to help him out of his litter box.
Rupi was found by one of our neighbours in a cardboard box outside one cold day in February 2021 beneath a bus stop bench. After contacting several rabbit rescue organizations and the local humane society we learned that no one was accepting surrenders due to resources/capacity, so we made space for her and she fit right in.

Our Special Family Memorial

Jerry is a Lab mix who came to us in July 2017 after he was imported from Israel by a dog rescue who saved him from certain death. He was estimated to be 10-12 years old at the time, and was believed to have lived on the streets and in shelters most of his life. He was blind and mostly deaf, only had eight teeth after dental extractions, and had some age-related medical conditions such as arthritis and incontinence. We provided Jerry with regular ophthalmology checkups, mobility rehabilitation, and he underwent a bilateral enucleation surgery in February of 2020. Despite his age he was a very happy spirit. We said goodbye to him on May 4, 2020.
In August 2021 one of our neighbours contacted us about this little lady looking very unwell found outside. Sunshine was brought to us and we saw immediately that she was in medical crisis. We offered her a little bit of food (mostly gravy) and placed a towel and heat pad over her cold body but we suspected that it may be too late for her to recover. I left the room to arrange medical attention for her and when I returned to check on her she had passed away. We believe she came here to cross over the bridge in a safe and compassionate space.
Susie Mama was the first “feral” cat we met. She and her two adult babies Lenny and Baboo lived outside beneath a deck for a number of years after being TNRed by another organization. We earned their trust and were able to contain the three of them. Our friends at another rescue accepted the trio so they may remain together. After Lenny passed away of kidney disease, Susie’s health also deteriorated and she came to New Cat City for palliative care while she battled old age and hyperthyroidism. She arrived here on July 23, 2022. We said goodbye to her forever on November 1, 2022. She was a strong matriarch who protected her territory outside as well as Lenny and Baboo. She was very loving and I’ll never understand how someone could TNR such a sweet little cat. She is the reason we got involved in helping outside cats.
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